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  • We find Custom Physiques to be a friendly, convenient and relaxed personal training studio where we can get fit at a great price! The folks on staff are resourceful and are always happy to answer our questions or help us when we need fitness advice, or maybe just a chat. Our current experience with our personal trainer has been tremendously better than anything we have experienced in the past. She consistently goes above and beyond her call of duty and skillfully motivates us to take on challenging workouts to ensure we reach our fitness goals. We always feel good when going to the gym and feel even better after our workout!

           -Bolaji and Morakinyo

  • Go to Custom Physiques!  I’ve been working with personal trainers at different gyms for over 5 years and this is one you want to check out.  The people are awesome.  Upbeat, optimistic atmosphere.  Megan is a terrific trainer - knows what you need and pushes you to work those areas hard but not too hard.  Rob’s a great gym owner.  The gym has a modern wide-open feel, a nice range of equipment, lots of light, and great air circulation.  Easy access on Montgomery Rd.; well worth the drive.



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